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What am I looking for? I am constantly seeking for strange, beautiful or remarkable locations. If you support my kind of photography, you are interested in my photographs or you want to model for me, please do contact me (you may probably send me a mail) (

When you take a look around in bright day light, it seems that light and darkness exclude each other..... it seems that light and darkness are rivals.
In this idea, it is possible for light to penetrate darkness, and for shadows to drive out the light.
Is it true that light is the force of the good, and darkness is the force of doom......?

In my believe light fits with darkness... Light seems lighter with shadows; darkness seems darker with rays of light....

In my opinion light belongs to darkness and darkness belongs to light. Where light is, is shadow, and v.v..
I write with light and shadows.....

I hope you enjoy your visit here!